Part of the reason for listing in 2015 was to create a diverse business which could respond to the needs of our clients in a more effective way. Eight years on and it is important to recognise that diversity remains a key ambition of our Group, not only in the services that we offer but in the people that we employ and the clients that we work with. We are better advisers to our clients because of the diversity of experiences and skills that our people bring.

Diversity is about different perspectives and extends beyond gender and ethnicity, to sexual orientation, gender identity, social mobility, disability and other challenges that can lead to disadvantage. As a Group which was formed with diversity at its core, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce where everyone has room to breathe and can bring their whole selves to work.

Creating an inclusive culture is not a tick-box exercise, something which you create once and then move on from. It is something that you need to continuously invest time and energy in. 

Gateley values the differences that a diverse workforce can bring, and we are committed to the principle of equal recruitment, training, development and treatment of all employees irrespective of race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation, religious convictions, religious belief, age, disability or any other irrelevant factor. 

Our network groups

Our achievements

  • We have joined forces with other companies within the professional services sector and the manufacturing sector to create the Birmingham Black and Ethnic Minority Network led by Deloitte. Other companies who are part of the network include: Jaguar Land Rover, KPMG, Fieldfisher and Lloyds Banking group. 
  • We have signed up to be a Disability Confident employer.
  • We have iplemented mandatory Understanding Race Bias training across the business.

Learning from the data

We are also focusing on ensuring we are collecting the relevant diversity and inclusion data at key points to be able to better analyse and review what the data is telling us to ensure we can focus our D&I initiatives accordingly. This has included a review of language used, giving colleagues the option to state their preferred pronouns and adding in questions around social mobility. 

Key stats about our people

With employees from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, over seven different religions and belief systems, and a diverse gender split, inclusion is at the heart of all we do. Each year we ask our employees to complete a diversity survey; this helps us to understand the make-up of our organisation in more detail. Take a look at our most recent stats.


work flexibly


have 10+ years service


care for young children


were the first generation in their family to go to university

Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting is based on Government methodology focusing on the difference in average pay between men and women in an organisation. Gender pay is not the same as equal pay. Whilst it is true that both deal with the disparity of pay women receive in the workplace, they are different and should not be confused.

Equal pay means that men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal pay. At Gateley, our remuneration is based on the appropriate level of experience someone has for the job role they are performing and not their gender. We are confident we pay men and women equal pay for performing equal work.

Gender pay measures a very different metric – it is a measure of the difference between men and women’s average earnings across the entire organisation regardless of their job role. In the UK economy and society as a whole, currently men are more likely than women to be in senior roles and therefore earn more. Most organisations will therefore have a gender pay gap.

You can read an explanation of our data and details about what we are doing to support more equal opportunities for all people across our business by downloading our report. We have a number of internal initiatives to narrow the gender pay gap and we are committed to the ongoing development of our diversity and inclusion strategy.