Recognising an opportunity to adopt a business structure that would support and enhance growth, Gateley was the first commercial law firm in the UK to list on the London Stock Exchange’s growth market, AIM, in 2015. Since listing, we have diversified and differentiated our offering creating four distinct platforms which meet the need of our clients. 

We have completed several acquisitions of legal and professional services businesses which complement our platforms. You can find out more about our acquisition timeline within our Gateley story.

Our purpose

Delivering results that delight our clients, inspire our people and support our communities

Our values

Ambitious for success

Gateley people are ambitious but we are also humble in our approach, quietly confident and never boastful. We stay out of the spotlight, as our focus is always on putting the client (and their needs) front and centre. Clients come first in all our decision making. Our ambitions are big but we take care of the little details. Our ambitions also define who we are, show what we are passionate about and are the foundations of our continued success.

Forward thinking

To work at Gateley is to have a sense of adventure. We aren’t just business people, we are pioneers on a journey to diversify, differentiate and incentivise.

Our people see work as an opportunity to stretch themselves, to explore and reach their potential both personally and professionally. We are forward thinkers, inventive but always commercial. We are bright and unstuffy, and enjoy challenging convention – not for the fun of it but to deliver the best results possible for our clients and our business.

Room to breathe

At Gateley we embrace people’s ambitions. Variety, stretch and growth sit happily alongside balance, flexibility and choice. We recognise one size never fits all. Gateley people care. We are individuals who relish being part of a diverse and inclusive team and we are personable and friendly to the core. What you see is what you get.

Our people see work as an opportunity to stretch themselves, to explore and reach their potential both personally and professionally. We are forward thinkers, inventive but always commercial.

Trusted to do

When we say we will do something we do it; maintaining a clear focus on the doing, not the hurdle. In return we are trusted to get on with things.

Working together

Gateley people want to be part of a team and we work inclusively and collaboratively with everyone we come into contact with. We recognise the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. We have a purpose, whether that’s providing straight-talking legal or business advice, working together with colleagues to deliver the best results for the client or by supporting our business in achieving its vision.

Our Platforms

Our platforms combine the skills and expertise of the lawyers within Gateley Legal with the extensive expertise of other professionals from our consultancy businesses. It is the combined skills and knowledge of these experienced professionals that help our clients to solve the problems that they face, to mitigate risk, to realise growth and to maximise opportunities.

Business Services 

We advise on how to maximise opportunities within a business, identifying the best ways to avoid or mitigate risk in growth and change projects. When disputes arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and how to implement solutions to mitigate future risk factors arising.


We advise businesses at every stage of their corporate lifecycle from start-up to exit, dealing with all aspects of growing a business managing the financial and governance responsibilities along the way. 


With a team of people development consultants, pensions advisers and lawyers, we help employers fix the people issues that arise within organisations in everyday operations and change projects. We enable businesses to become fitter for the future, flexing the implemented solutions in response to changing economic and social contexts.


Our team of surveyors, property tax consultants and lawyers work with property investors, owners, occupiers and developers at every stage of the property lifecycle, from opportunity identification through to the use and commercialisation of property assets.