Together with other medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and chemistry is one of our key practice areas. Our specialist pharmaceutical patent attorneys are highly experienced in this area and have dealt with all aspects of intellectual property within the industry.

Pharmaceutical patent attorneys

Pharmaceutical patent protection is extremely important. Only by achieving secure protection with pharmaceutical patents can the huge investment necessary to bring a pharmaceutical product to market be safeguarded and an adequate return on that investment realised.

IP Toolkit for Research & Development: Pharmaceuticals

Strong IP rights, particularly strong patent protection, are crucial to the pharmaceutical industry. The costs and investment of time associated with bringing a new medicine to the market are huge. Revenue generated from the sales of patented medicines is essential for driving the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical products.


Out attorneys can help ensure the best possible protection for the results of your research and can help you build a patent portfolio around your products. Working together, we can help you maximise the duration of your exclusivity by advising on ongoing opportunities for protection and the potential for patent term extensions. Look inside our IP Toolkit for Research & Development: Pharmaceuticals for more information on key IP considerations for the pharmaceuticals sector.

Chemistry patent attorney

The development of new substances in the pharmaceutical industry can be a high-risk and costly endeavour. A chemical patent attorney will understand the implications these risks and expenses can have on the process of securing patents, and will also know how easy it is for competitors to copy a drug or medicine through simply analysing a pharmaceutical substance. Their expertise can prove vital in ensuring that you retain total control of your intellectual property. Similarly, a chemical patent attorney will understand the difference between chemical patents and other sources of technical information. They will help you make your patent claim as broad and secure as possible.

Of course, a chemical patent attorney will also help ensure that you do not infringe existing patents, avoiding wasted time and effort in research and development and ensuring your freedom to market new products. With extensive and relevant academic and industry experience, our pharmaceutical patent attorneys help clients build effective patent portfolios covering the whole range of protectable developments in this field, including:

  • New chemical entities
  • Formulations
  • Polymorphs
  • Drug delivery devices
  • New medical uses

Whether working for SMEs, start-ups or big pharmacies, we have the experience and expertise to obtain the most effective protection. Our intimate knowledge of UK and European Patent Office law and procedure enables us to create effective protection for clients overseas. For UK clients, we tailor our approach to suit the differing regulations in different countries. We formulate strategies that fit closely to your products and needs, tie in with your business objectives, and maximise the effective lifetime – and value – of your IP. We also carry out freedom-to-operate analyses and risk assessments in relation to competitor pharmaceutical patents, and where appropriate take aggressive action to invalidate and clear away obstructive patents that impede our clients’ activities.

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