Jenny Vaughan


Adamson Jones


Jenny is a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney, specialising in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical device patents. She takes a commercial approach to her practice, assisting with portfolio management and working with clients from pre-filing through filing, prosecution, grant, and on to post-grant issues.

Jenny started her career in the chemicals industry before moving into the pharmaceutical arena, working for major international companies. Jenny has also worked as an independent patent attorney on a contract basis to large corporate companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

How do you help clients?

I help clients achieve the best possible patent protection for their inventions in the UK and overseas. This starts with pre-application discussions to determine a client’s vision for the future of their invention, product, or business.

When a client’s European patent is opposed, I handle this procedure before the Opposition Division at the European Patent Office, and if necessary, before the Boards of Appeal.

I keep a commercial eye on a client’s patent portfolio, to make sure it works for them.

Third party interests can be a concern, and I also advise clients on third party rights and freedom to operate. In cases where a third party has gained a patent that may interfere with a client’s business, I can advise my client on potential courses of action and, in the case of a European patent, oppose the patent of concern.


  1. Drafted and filed a priority application in January 2020, relating to an adhesive formulation with limited combustibility and suitable for external use on multi-storey buildings, following up with a full UK application in January 2021 which proceeded to grant of UK patent GB 2593793 in February 2022
  2. Advising several smaller start-up company clients in the pharmaceutical sector, in new pharmaceutical formulations, combinations, and new medical indications
  3. Successfully defended an opposition against granted European patent EP 3050986, relating to high-speed tool steel (metal alloys)
  4. Successfully defended an opposition against granted European patent EP 2561843, relating to a non-adherent wound dressing
  5. Represented one of two opponents in opposition to European patent EP2419485, relating to a silicone gel adhesive construction, which resulted in revocation of the patent at oral proceedings