We have particular expertise in the area of electronics, with our patent attorneys having significant experience in building effective patent portfolios for clients developing these technologies.


Our electronics patent attorneys can advise you on the patentability of your electronics innovations, including mobile technology, computing and high-tech electronics products. Our recent work has included inventions related to:

  • Imaging
  • Power supplies
  • Lighting
  • RFID systems
  • Consumer products
  • Rail and aerospace
  • Semiconductors

Technological protection

Electronic technologies are often also important for clients engaged in the more general fields of engineering and design, and we ensure that protection is secured for all commercially valuable innovations.

We also carry out freedom-to-operate analyses and risk assessments in relation to competitor electronics patents, and where appropriate take aggressive action to invalidate and clear away obstructive patents that impede our clients’ activities.

Adamson Jones understand the value of creating a tailored strategy for your business needs, with our patent and trade mark attorneys providing a high level of expertise in the technical field.

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