All businesses trade under a name or brand, and a registered trade mark is essential to protect your reputation.

At Adamson Jones, our team of chartered trade mark attorneys guide you through the options for securing trade mark registrations appropriate for your business, and the subsequent application procedures for obtaining UK and international trade mark registrations.

Trade mark protection

We are experienced in all aspects of trade mark protection.

  • We can advise you in relation to your freedom to use a proposed trade mark, based on trade mark clearance searches in relevant countries.
  • We can advise you on a filing strategy for obtaining international trade mark protection in a selection of territories that will provide commercially realistic and effective protection, appropriate for your commercial objectives.
  • We can advise on preparing registered trade mark applications in a way that offers the broadest protection, yet has a reasonable prospect of being allowable and subsequently enforceable.
  • We can assist with steering the application through all the stages of the procedure.
  • We can advise in relation to any opposition that may be filed against your application, and on handling any defence to that opposition or any negotiation of co-existence with the other party, as appropriate.

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Technical trade marks

We have particular expertise in handling the trade mark portfolios of technology companies, including medical and healthcare companies. Our expert trade mark attorneys can provide a comprehensive and tailored service, with experience in many aspects of the technological field.

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