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Adamson Jones & Symbiosis IP

Handling all areas of IP protection for new technological developments to put innovative companies in a stronger commercial position.

What do we do?

Patent drafting

Our team of patent attorneys cover all areas of technology, including engineering, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and chemistry, software and electronics, and biotechnology. We work in practice groups according to our areas of technical specialism to ensure we can draft patent applications that are comprehensive and technically accurate to provide an optimal scope of patent protection.

Representation before the UK and European Patent Offices

At the heart of our practice is a specialist patent prosecution service. We file hundreds of new patent applications each year for our domestic and overseas clients. Our services include:

  • filing new UK, European and international applications
  • overcoming objections during patent examination
  • administration of application procedures and formalities
  • handling annuities and renewal of registered rights
  • recording assignments and changes of ownership.

International portfolio management

One of the crucial decisions in any patent strategy is where in the world to obtain patent protection. We have significant experience in securing patent protection in key territories around the world. We advise on patent strategy and coordinate international patent protection through our network of trusted overseas patent attorneys. 

Dealing with third-party patents

Correctly managing the risks associated with competitors’ patents is key to achieving commercial success with new technology. Our expertise include:

  • European patent opposition and UK patent revocation proceedings
  • patent landscaping and freedom-to-operate studies
  • formal opinions on patent infringement risks
  • advice on designing around competitor patents
  • advice on validity and other patent-specific issues during disputes.

Registered designs

For many new products, the design rights associated with its appearance are an important consideration for preventing copying. We offer a full range of services for the registration of designs in the UK, Europe and internationally, as well as associated advisory services on the scope of design protection, registrability and freedom-to-operate with respect to third-party design rights.

Who do we help?

We work directly with a large variety of businesses, including:

  • major multinational companies, providing support to their own in-house IP teams
  • universities and academic institutions developing new IP to exploit in partnership with industry
  • established manufacturers who are funding R&D to add value or improve efficiency
  • high-growth start-ups with disruptive technology looking to build value through IP protection.

Despite the wide range of organisations we serve, all are linked by a commitment to innovation for driving positive change.

In addition to our direct clients, we have a strong network of overseas associates, collaborating with attorney firms in the USA, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, India and Taiwan amongst others.

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