The relatively short lead time on software innovations, coupled with the open source software industry make the intellectual property considerations for computer-implemented inventions unique.

Our software patent attorneys appreciate the complexity of this area of technology and stay abreast of law changes and technology trends to provide practical and current IP advice.


The availability of patent protection for software has long been a complex subject, with different countries taking different stances on the patentability of so-called ‘computer-implemented inventions’.

We frequently help clients identify which aspects of software innovations can be protected and how.

Intellectual property protection for software

IP protection for software is also now an important consideration for clients engaged in the more general fields of engineering and design, and we ensure that protection is secured for all commercially valuable innovations. We have specific experience of software patents and technology in the fields of:

  • Human and machine health and diagnostics
  • Video, image and language processing
  • User interfaces and consumer electronics
  • Control algorithms
  • Engineering design and modelling software

We also carry out freedom-to-operate analyses and risk assessments in relation to competitor patents for software and electronics, and where appropriate take aggressive action to invalidate and clear away obstructive patents that impede our clients’ activities.

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