Cory Stobart


Adamson Jones


Cory joined the patent profession in 2015, and moved to Adamson Jones in 2017, before qualifying as a chartered UK patent attorney in 2019. Cory holds a Masters degree in Physics with Medical Physics from the University of Sheffield.

Cory's patent practice covers a wide range of technical areas, generally within the healthcare, software, and engineering sectors, with a particular focus on medical devices, medical physics applications and machine learning.

Cory represents a broad variety of clients, ranging from individual inventors and small start-ups all the way up to multi-national companies and overseas agents, which enables him to understand the specific needs of any individual company. However, Cory has a particular focus on small and medium sized businesses in the medical, sports and engineering sectors.

How do you help clients?

Cory prosecutes patent applications in the UK and Europe, as well as overseas, in countries such as the US, Canada, China, Japan and Australia.

Cory is involved in drafting and filing oppositions and/or third-party observations against competitor’s patents or patent applications, to help clear the way for client’s innovations.

He also identifies potential freedom-to-operate risks, helping clients to mitigate or navigate those risks, where possible.

Cory helps clients by preparing and filing registered design applications in the UK and Europe, as well as overseas. 


  1. Advising a leading international medical company on the development of key products, with particular focus on the navigation of competitor patent rights.
  2. Advising several UK universities, as well as associated organisations, start-ups, and spinouts, on the efficient management of their patent portfolios.
  3. Assisting SMEs with the identification, takeover, and development of their intellectual property rights.