Providing opportunities to all

As an employer with a regional footprint, we have an opportunity to have a positive impact on children giving them the best possible start in life and supporting them with the right experiences as they move through the education system.

Fair career progression

We all walk a different path to get to where we want to be in life. No one’s journey starts or ends in the same place; we make different choices along the way and find inspiration and support in different ways. Recognising that gave a name to our staff network group: Inspire

Through Inspire, we created a Women in Leadership programme in order to support and retain our female talent in successfully carving out the careers they want.

Widening access to savings and credit

As the first UK law firm to list on the London Stock Exchange, we recognised – back in 2015 – that challenging the status quo and the long-established structures of legal partnerships, could deliver a better result for our clients. It was also an opportunity to level up the equity model within our own business. Traditionally equity partnerships focus ownership in the hands of a few. The float gave us an opportunity to change this by awarding every member of staff shares within the newly listed business to get everyone started on their journey with us. We dealt with all the tax implications of the award so that it wasn’t an obstacle for participation and was truly an opportunity to level up. We are proud that the equity partners made this choice to share their prosperity with every Gateley employee at the time and demonstrated our commitment to incentivising our employees in a forward thinking way.

Extending enterprise

As a legal and professional services group, we regularly work with businesses at all stages of their development, whether new start-ups, growing businesses or mature corporates. With the broad range of skills that our legal and professional advisers bring, we are able to provide advice to businesses which isn’t solely focused on the legal considerations of running a business but considering these in the round and what support we can provide commercially to help them to meet their objectives.

Part of our brand ethos is around being forward thinking. It’s what has driven us to make the bold moves within the legal sector from our original listing through to our acquisitions of complementary professional services. Building on this forward thinking approach is important to us which has seen us get involved with a number of programmes to share insight with businesses at different stages of their lifecycle.

You can find out more about how we have supported Birmingham City University’s STEAMHouse programme here: