Dealing with regulatory matters is complex as the legislation is wide-ranging and the consequences of non-compliance can be severe. When such issues arise, we advise on how to respond to that risk, recover from it in the best possible way and then to implement solutions to mitigate that risk from arising in the future. Our experts are experienced in all aspects of regulatory compliance and governance, regularly working with corporate organisations and individuals within the public and private sectors to help them to address and mitigate the risks associated with regulatory matters.

Respond to risk

Running a business is a risky undertaking. Dealing with regulatory issues when they arise or managing unexpected crisis scenarios needs a decisive response. We help to address risks effectively, to assess your options, protect your reputation and ensure financial and operational stability. When an incident occurs, early intervention, quality advice and long-term support can stop an investigation from escalating or massively reduce its impact and cost.

If your organisation becomes subject to an investigation or is a victim of corporate crime, you need to protect your interests and minimise any fall-out from enforcement authorities, litigation or reputationally in the marketplace. 

Our regulatory and governance services specialists have the experience and expertise to provide immediate strategies and solutions to such issues and crises. We guide our clients through regulatory investigations and will always try to persuade the investigating authority not to prosecute. In the event that a prosecution does proceed, we support our clients through that process and represent their interests in court.

Recover from risk

Once the outcome of an incident is secured, whether that be a data breach, a reputational issue, a health and safety investigation or something else, we manage risk recovery, equipping you to bounce back stronger, including monitoring and enforcing the outcome of court decisions.

Our expert team work with businesses on an ongoing basis after an incident, to implement an effective recovery strategy which builds on lessons learned to prevent reoccurrence. We seek to ensure that the company’s risk management systems are robust and provide recommendations and guidance on improving ongoing operations.

Mitigate risk

Once the dust has settled, the last thing most businesses want to do is spend any more time than they need to on a crisis. But that’s exactly the time to work with our regulatory and governance experts to proactively identify gaps in processes, training and culture, to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents happening again. 

In today’s business environment it is imperative to get in front of issues early by identifying potential risks before they develop into crises. Thinking strategically and proactively about what potential risks an organisation may face is crucial to prepare for and mitigate potential crises. Offering a comprehensive, bespoke risk review service to businesses, management teams and individuals we help to interpret regulations, look for gaps, conduct stress testing and assess a business’s response across all key regulatory risk areas. We are always horizon scanning to identify potential threats and help you build long-term operational resilience.

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Risk & crisis management

In today’s business environment it is imperative to get in front of issues early.


It is important that children and vulnerable people feel safe and protected in their environment. 

Fire safety & cladding

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, cladding issues have had a real impact on the property sector. 

Health & safety

Accidents happen and when they do, we are there to help our clients to pick up the pieces.

Business defence

We minimise the cost, disruption and reputational damage for clients facing regulatory investigations.

Data protection

It is vital that organisations dedicate time and resource to ensuring data protection compliance.

Anti-bribery & corruption

We provide strategic advice, offering guidance to companies and individual officeholders. 

Consumer protection & trading standards

We help businesses navigate the latest trading standards regulations.

Directors’ duties & corporate governance

Failing to keep up-to-date with administrative requirements can have serious consequences.


Breaches of environmental law can result in criminal prosecutions. We help businesses remain compliant and avoid prosecution.

EU & UK, competition & state aid

In the interests of fairness, competition authorities are employing an ever-growing range of investigative powers.

Food safety & product recall

We move fast to help clients navigate food safety, product safety or recall issues.