Having spent the last 10 years working in the Multi Utility Industry, with a focus on Industrial and Commercial schemes, Joy has assisted Developers and Main Contractors with projects ranging from Multi Occupancy Residential, to Retail and Business parks and large EV charging hubs.

A background in Business Development and Client Liaison roles, at Independent Connection Providers (ICPs), an Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO) and a Statutory Water Company has given Joy a wide knowledge base, both practical and commercial, relating to multi utility design, installation and asset adoption.

Joy is diligent, process driven and prides herself on her personable, knowledgeable approach to guiding her clients towards the best solution to meet their new connection needs.

How do you help clients?

I help clients to obtain the most competitive quotations, asset values, and best delivery on new connections to serve their sites. I am able to advise on design, programme durations and offsite considerations to assist with accurate planning and budgeting for new Electricity, Gas and Water infrastructure installation.


  1. Advising on Independent design and installation of Multi Utility networks
  2. Negotiating Asset Adoption and Asset Values for new build Electricity, Gas and Water networks
  3. Ensuring thorough investigations are undertaken at quotation stage to reduce risk to budget and programme concerning New Utility Installation
  4. Undertaking Existing Site Searches, Feasibility Studies and Statutory Applications
  5. Advising on Timescales for Quotations, Design, Installation, and granting of licences for new utility infrastructure

Changing Places

Moving premises can be extremely time-consuming and costly for businesses. If your business needs to relocate, downsize, upgrade or exit a property, we can help.

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