Fay is part of the team of leadership specialists who work collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke, impactful, and long-lasting interventions that support with all levels of leadership development.

Fay has specific expertise in intrapreneurship and innovation having led the curriculum in these topics for NatWest Group. 

How do you help clients?

I help leaders understand their challenges in their business and bring awareness, learning and practical steps to help them build leaders for the challenging world of today and tomorrow.

Intraprenuership is traditionally seen as separate to the day job, but I passionately believe that intrapreneurship should be viewed by leaders as intrinsic to the effectiveness and success of their organisations. 

Having teams or departments that run like small businesses with customer-centric, creative, playful, motivated, collaborative and curious problem solvers can spread a positive impact across the whole business, and help to drive it forward.


  1. Developing a leadership programme for the leaders of the business for EDF Energy comprising of innovation and empowerment.
  2. Designing and delivering a successful leadership programme for senior leaders in a large global investment company, supporting introduction on new leadership objectives.
  3. Supporting a UK Government-owned company to improve leadership through times of change.
  4. Developing a leadership programme for over 200 leaders of a market-leading gaming company in a period of high growth.
  5. Delivering organisation-wide leadership programme for Toyota, creating their leaders of the future.