Team development

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High-performing teams don’t just happen. That’s why we coach teams for as long as they need us. We’re here to give team members the skills, behaviours and ways of thinking that are critical for their shared success.

High performance isn’t just limited to a training workshop or a tool. It’s created by a group of engaged, motivated individuals working together to meet specific performance objectives.

We get to the data behind team dynamics

By tapping into the latest research on human behaviour and team dynamics, our pragmatic interventions provide teams with the rare opportunity to step back and master new approaches that unleash their full potential.

t-three...are very collaborative. It has felt like a true partnership throughout the whole journey. Nothing has been too much trouble, they are always at the end of the phone.

How we deliver results

  1. Provoking tools: Using the Facet5 Teamscape tool, we can build a collective report of a team’s working style and preferences. This enables managers to leverage individual and collective strengths to achieve team synergy.
  2. Blended learning: Today’s teams might be separated geographically, or unable to take significant time away from their front line roles. Blended learning empowers them to learn in an accessible way that means the behaviour change required is more achievable.
  3. Making It Real events: Our Making It Real events are designed to simulate the pressures of the workplace. They give teams the chance to try out new behaviours and practice the approach they have learned – 86% of participants said it was the most powerful learning experience of their careers to date.
  4. Team Truth Teller: This is a comprehensive tool for understanding and enhancing team effectiveness and performance. The data report can be used within team building programmes and for shaping development focus.

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