Alan helps clients by providing bespoke learning interventions to maximise their personal, leadership and team potential. 

He offers processes to guide behaviour within various people-related or interpersonal situations. He then tests, provides feedback on, and helps improve skill levels and abilities to operate within the process in question. 

Ultimately, Alan facilitates an organisational ‘domino effect’ where one person’s enhanced behaviour at work will knock positively into the behaviour of others, inexorably creating a desirable, fit-for-future, culture.

How do you help clients?

Topics where I offer help to improve processes and skills to achieve desirable outcomes include: Leadership & management development; Performance review; Negotiation; Sales; Executive coaching; Coaching & mentoring; Influencing; Psychological safety; Team building; Team working; Team development; Customer service & care; Diversity Equity & Inclusion; Facilitation skills; Presentation skills; Transactional analysis; Social style; Self-improvement using psychometric profiles; Stakeholder management; Train-the-trainer; Graduate development; Action learning sets; Creative problem solving; Making decisions; Working smarter; Building effective habits; and Confidence at work.


  1. Executive directors under pressure and spinning many plates need to refocus: Provided structured guided thinking time for six executive directors. This enhanced the effectiveness of their strategies and resulted in increased efficiencies with operations – and improved quality of relationships.
  2. New managers are unsure of the scope of their new role and what is expected of them: Created and delivered a bespoke 8-day program, spanning 8 months, designed to benchmark and improve first-line management behaviour.
  3. The organisation wants ‘living’ examples of DE&I to educate the workforce: Filmed a cross-section of their community who shared their personal experiences both positive and negative. Sorted and edited their stories into examples related to the topics within DE&I to be shared internally and through an e-learning program.
  4. Senior leaders want to ‘make it real’: Facilitated a bespoke business simulation event designed to force the participants to face a set of problems related to their real world. This led to several insights related to their current ways of working which they collectively agreed to change to help reach their collective goals as a company. They are on a new, more deliberate, trajectory. 
  5. Personal insights as the foundation of change: Reviewed the psychometric profiles of hundreds of individuals ahead of meeting with them. Our discussions serve to highlight areas of strength, non-strength and potential areas of frustration for each individual based on profile insights. Then I will provide coaching around each insight to drive motivation and planning, to meet the challenges within the areas of most interest.