Callum works on a number of occupational pension schemes to which Gateley’s independent trustee company, Entrust Pension Limited, has been appointed trustee.

Callum works closely with sponsoring employers to provide trustee services and ensure their defined benefit pension schemes are supported throughout their lifespan.

As Trustee Associate, Callum’s day-to-day responsibilities include liaising with employers and third-party service providers on matters arising for a number of pension arrangements. He has experience working in pension administration and has expertise in ensuring member experiences are of the highest quality.

How do you help clients?

I help clients understand their responsibilities as sponsoring employers for their defined benefit occupational pension schemes. Working with these clients I support them with key financial and operational decisions required to ensure the continued running of the scheme and to set realistic goals for short and long term planning.


  1. Working on a buy-out project for a large international company, who hold a number of defined benefit pension schemes that they are looking to take to buy-out to reduce the liabilities for the company.
  2. Providing day-to-day support to sponsoring employers on the management and governance of their occupational pension schemes.
  3. Working on liability management exercises including pension increase exchange and enhanced transfer values.
  4. Working on historic data and scheme rules rectification projects.
  5. Working with a client to understand the financial implications of entering into a scheme-wide member benefit enhancement project to enable members of the scheme to accrue benefits at an earlier retirement date.