May 17, 2022

Managing risk in construction contracts in the current climate

Gateley Legal

  • Time: 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
  • Update / Virtual

Join our live webinar for an insight into practical ways to manage risk around fluctuations.

From Brexit to Covid-19, recent major events have inevitably impacted all aspects of life, and the same goes for construction. With rising material costs, supply chain delays and force majeure events, adding relevant provisions such as fluctuation provisions and force majeure clauses in construction contracts provides a mechanism for dealing with the knock on effects of these major changes.

But what do these provisions look like and what are the legal and practical implications for managing this risk from both a contractual and commercial perspective?

During our live webinar, our speakers will consider:

  • Force majeure clauses;
  • Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol;
  • Supply chain issues; and
  • How best to deal with any resulting cost implications under a building contract.

Who will benefit from watching?

This is essential viewing for any construction professionals including contractors, sub-contractors, developers and construction consultants, particularly those operating in England and Northern Ireland.