We offer multi-disciplinary legal support to in-house lawyers and general counsel, giving you access to a dedicated group of lawyers across a range of services and levels of seniority.

We work with in-house lawyers on a flexible bespoke basis to make sure that requirements for legal support are delivered in line with client needs, expectations and budget. Our teams offer better value for money than more traditional means, such as further in-house recruitment or buying external legal advice on an hourly rate. 

Our approach is focused on delivering a high-quality service and value for money. Seeing technical excellence as a given, we focus on providing a tailored solution to best meet your requirements. At Gateley, we pride ourselves on being down to earth and straight talking; we do not use arcane or fancy words to create an aura of technical excellence. We deliver advice in plain English with a focus on the outcome you want.

Why Gateley?

  • Commercial intuition: When we ask our in-house lawyer clients what makes Gateley different, the answer we consistently hear is that we are commercially astute, focusing on the best possible outcome in the context of our clients’ circumstances. We deliver outcomes within budget, and price the advice from our senior lawyers competitively so that you will have our best and most experienced people by your side without paying through the nose. Our mantra is ‘less heat, more light’.
  • Building for the long-term: We understand the pressure you are under to provide a return on investment. Our approach, fully supported by our investors, focuses on long-term relationships, not short-term gain.
  • More than a law firm: We are a broad professional services group, and whilst legal services remain at the core of Gateley Plc, we have acquired a number of complementary businesses which enable us to offer additional value to our in-house lawyer clients. For example, our leadership assessment service offered via Kiddy & Partners helps define what leadership capabilities organisations need, assess their leaders against these capabilities, and deliver ambitious acceleration programmes to fast-track development. t-three specialises in helping organisations get to where they want to go by embedding the targeted skills and behaviours required to achieve sustainable transformation.
  • O shaped lawyer programme: As part of the O shaped lawyer movement, originally started by general counsels, we seek to put people at the heart of legal services; we’re passionate about making the legal profession better – for those who work in it, for those who use it, and for those entering it.

What we offer our in-house lawyers and general counsel clients

We understand that the work of an in-house lawyer can be varied and unpredictable, covering a wide spectrum of responsibilities. Balancing the expectations and goals of your business with commercial and legal considerations is a skill central to in-house counsel roles. At Gateley we seek to support, educate, enable and connect in-house lawyers in order to assist with the navigation of this complex blend of priorities.

  • Sharing best practice – We can share the latest insight, briefings, updates and research from across the Gateley group.
  • Gateley match making service – We have strong links within our regions across the UK. If you were looking for new partners, we would be happy to assist you in making connections with quality organisations. 
  • In-house legal networking forums – We regularly host networking events and roundtable sessions to bring together organisations in the same industry or individuals who are working in a specific profession. These sessions can be used to help make introductions to potential clients, suppliers and business partners or to learn from peers.
  • Gateley legal surgeries – We can offer on-site legal surgeries where one of our lawyers works from your head office, helping to build broader relationships between teams. 
  • In-house tailored training – We can provide specific training tailored to our clients’ requirements. 
  • Gateley dedicated research assistant – We appreciate how important research is for our clients to enable educated decisions and also appreciate the resourcing issues that can limit the possibility of such research. We have the expertise and tools to help streamline this process for you and regularly produce bespoke research packs for our clients. 
  • Gateley support on-demand – We can give in-house teams access to additional staff resource when they need it the most (with appropriate notice). 
  • Exclusive Gateley ‘buddyship’ – We can provide someone on-hand to enhance knowledge transfer for senior members of your team. 
  • Strategic support – There may be times where your Board are discussing an issue and it would be beneficial to have an external lawyer join the conversation and bring an impartial view. We would be happy to provide an attendee and our wide range of expertise means we will have an expert to provide support on any issue you may face.

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