We understand that when sharing your wealth, you will want to maximise the impact of your charitable giving and to have peace of mind that you are receiving best practice advice from credible expert advisers.

Whether you are donating due to a strong personal cause, a change in circumstances, have been advised to by a financial adviser, or you just desire to do some good, we are able to help you structure your charitable giving in order to maximise impact and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Once you have decided to share your wealth, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. We understand that donors want to “get it right” but that research can be time consuming and feel complicated. We can provide guidance on the best routes to giving in order to bring your ideas to life. Whether you want to establish a foundation or give to existing causes, undertake a one-off project or give to charity on an ongoing basis, our experts can help you determine the best course.

Setting up a charitable foundation

If you decide to set up a charitable foundation we are able to provide clear, pragmatic guidance on business planning, structuring, registration and governance. We can:

  • provide guidance on finding and appointing trustees, as well as advise trustees on their legal duties and prescribed conduct
  • advise on recruitment, HR policies, employment disputes, and pensions, as well as leadership assessment and development
  • help make the Charity Commission submission process as streamlined and efficient as possible and liaise with the Commission on any queries or follow-up matters
  • assist with selecting an appropriate bank as well as getting a charity bank account set up
  • provide coaching and guidance on financial issues such as finding a suitable accountant, registering for Gift Aid and fundraising
  • advise on leasing, purchasing and/ or developing property to suit the charity’s needs
  • ensure that commercial contracts with suppliers as well as any contractual arrangements with those receiving funds are robust, fit-for-purpose and minimise any potential risk to the charity
  • assist with the ongoing running of the charity – reviewing performance against plan, undertaking regular risk reviews and mitigation strategies, responding to internal or external changes, etc.

Tax-efficient giving

We understand that most philanthropists want to donate in a tax-efficient way in order to maximise the impact of their donations. Our team includes specialists in complex and high-net-worth personal tax who are able to advise on tax-efficient giving.

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