Charities and not-for-profit organisations operate in an increasingly challenging world, striving to achieve their goals in a highly-regulated market against a backdrop of economic instability. Our specialist advisors can help charitable organisations successfully negotiate the day-to-day challenges and get the big decisions ‘right’, while maximising their returns and minimising risk.

We offer practical advice and guidance on the full spectrum of issues and challenges a charity may be faced with – from structuring and establishment, to governance, regulatory and commercial issues.

Establishing a charity


We can help to evaluate structuring options to identify the best route to giving when setting up a new charity. The numerous options available include: charitable incorporated organisations, charitable companies, charitable trusts, unincorporated organisations, community benefit societies and Royal Charter charities. Our experts can cut through to the pertinent issues to your charity, to provide clear, pragmatic guidance on business planning, structuring, registration and governance. 

Trustees and people issues

Charity trustees have a legal responsibly to advance the purposes of the charity. We can provide guidance on finding and appointing trustees, as well as advise trustees on their legal duties and prescribed conduct. 

Of course, you would also benefit from the expertise of our people development consultants, pensions advisers and employment lawyers across Gateley’s People platform. We provide tailored support to charities on recruitment, HR policies, employment disputes, and pensions, as well as leadership assessment and development.

Getting operational

Most charities will need to register with the Charity Commission in order to become operational. We can help make the submission process as streamlined and efficient as possible and to liaise with the Commission on any queries or follow-up matters. 

Our specialist team can assist clients with selecting an appropriate bank as well as getting a charity bank account set up. In addition we can provide coaching and guidance on financial issues such as finding a suitable accountant, registering for Gift Aid and fundraising.

If your charity needs to source property, we have the expertise to advise on leasing, purchasing and/ or developing property to suit your needs.

Our team can ensure your commercial contracts with your suppliers as well as any contractual arrangements with those receiving funds are robust, fit-for-purpose and minimise any potential risk to the charity.

Supporting established charities

Our support doesn’t cease once charities are up and running. We offer proactive advice and guidance to give you peace of mind that you are responding appropriately to any applicable changes in legislation or regulation, or to any relevant social or political factors that arise. We can help review the performance of the charity against its business plan and advise on any necessary corrective action.

You can also be reassured that we can provide support with any internal changes that may affect the charity, such as changes in trustees or key personnel, any commercial contract or property issues, or even merging with another charitable organisation. We offer insight and training to inform and upskill your team and to maintain good governance and commercial decision-making.

We understand that charities want guidance on best practice from a credible advisor in order to thrive and leave a lasting legacy. We have the breadth and depth to deal with any issues that may arise, and can also offer the reassurance and familiarity of a single point of contact to access all the services offered across Gateley.

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