Ben is an experienced Chartered Surveyor heading up the Diversion and Compensation team at Gateley Hamer, securing compensation for utility apparatus restricting development or the diversion of utility apparatus restricting development sites allowing developers to fully maximise their return on their site.

Ben has worked within the utility sector of surveying for more than 14 years representing 18 of the top 20 housing developers on residential and commercial development sites restricted by utility apparatus. He regularly obtains significant compensation where apparatus remains in situ or where the apparatus is to be diverted, significant cost savings or nil cost diversions are achieved.

Ben is also an accredited expert witness and involved in various professional groups relating to landowner rights and compensation.


  1. Securing several £8m plus diversions at nil cost to my clients.
  2. Securing significant compensation settlements for clients with sites restricted by utility apparatus. 
  3. Providing advice to strategic land teams who are purchasing sites with utility constraints. 
  4. Project managing the diversion process to ensure development timescales are met.