Fiona leads our not for profit & philanthropy team within Private client.

She assists corporate organisations and individuals who wish to establish charitable structures or those that wish to utilise a trust structure to, for example, provide health care benefits to employees.

She is also a trustee of the Cancer Awareness Trust and the Sandstone Foundation.

Fiona is also appointed to the Charity Commission’s intervention panel.

In addition Fiona provides advice on estate planning in order to ensure that assets and wealth are protected within the family and down the generations; taking in to account family or owner managed business structures.

She will also undertake the administration of estates and supports other disciplines where an estate, trust or charity issue is raised e.g. in the sale of a property; or lending of monies.

How do you help clients?

I help clients to achieve their philanthropic wishes. There are few people that do not want to help others and I am fortunate enough to work with both corporate and individual clients who wish to assist others through establishing trusts or a charitable structure.

I also assist clients in protecting the wealth that they have generated and this includes not only pounds and pence but also their attitude to risk, their work ethic etc; ensuring that on their death it is passed to those that they wish to have it, in the most tax efficient way whilst limiting the risk of third parties being able to dissipate those assets.


  1. Establishing a charity so as to benefit a school that provided the client with a scholarship and encouraged him to be successful
  2. Advising trustees on the removal of other trustees
  3. Establishing a charity that provides much needed sports equipment to children in developing countries
  4. Advising families with family members who are under a disability
  5. Advising family run companies with generations of the same extended family in it