Georgia is a senior consultant, and a business psychologist by background. She specialises in assessment and development for leaders at all levels. 

Georgia is also involved with the design, delivery and facilitation of workshops and development centres.

How do you help clients?

I help leaders uncover their strengths, gaps, and possible blind spots, guiding them towards employing strategies and techniques that will facilitate growth from a professional perspective. 

I help organisations make well-informed hiring decisions through exploring and assessing prospective candidate’s fit and alignment to the role. This extends itself onto identifying development initiatives the organisation can invest in to further propel the candidate’s performance.

I provide individuals with personalised guidance and support; through coaching I help them to identify and overcome obstacles, helping them to unlock their full potential. 


  1. Executive assessment for development for leaders in a variety of sectors (e.g., financial services, technology, retail), identifying their strengths, development areas, and providing recommendations to support their growth.
  2. Delivery of global development programmes in the defence and aerospace sector, assessing professionals against key business winning competencies to build awareness of strengths and development areas to enhance business outcomes.
  3. Analyse data to identify key trends and themes across locations and divisions, highlighting where the business should point its efforts towards to excel. 
  4. Provided personalised one-to-one coaching to help individuals in the charity sector, helping them to explore their concerns and develop structured goals to overcome obstacles and achieve desired outcomes.
  5. Team facilitation and delivering workshops across a variety of sectors (e.g., energy sector, defence, maritime).