Jess is an experienced surveyor. She began her career working in a small rural practice, providing advice to both owners and occupiers of agricultural land on tenancies, valuations, rent reviews, subsidies and management of land. 

Since joining Gateley, Jess has gained experience advising promoters of major infrastructure projects including transport and energy schemes. This has given her a good understanding of the Planning Act 2008 and the process of gaining Development Consent Order consent from the Planning Inspectorate.


  1. Overseeing the production of book of reference, land plans and statement of reasons for submission to the Planning Inspectorate as part of a Development Consent Order application.
  2. Acquiring subsoil below landowner properties and imposing restrictive covenants upon future developments to protect major infrastructure projects.
  3. Agreeing survey access and putting in place licence agreements for intrusive surveys where necessary.
  4. Attending public consultations events, discussing the proposed scheme with members of the public, answering their questions and advising on compensation that may or may not be available to them.
  5. Undertaking site compound identification reports, identifying possible areas locations for a site compound in urban areas, to house welfare facilities, laydown areas and parking.