After spending over a decade at Gateley specialising in the acquisition of sites for immediate and strategic residential development schemes, Lisa was appointed Head of Midlands Plot Sales and Plot Support in 2019, to manage the plot sales, infrastructure and setup teams in our Birmingham office.

Lisa oversees service levels and delivery from these teams, provides senior-level support and solutions for any issues that arise, and advises our housebuilder clients on changes in practice, legislation or regulation affecting this sector.

Lisa also has experience assisting our litigation department with claims made by and against residential development clients.

How do you help clients?

At Gateley we understand that plot sales are of the utmost importance to our clients’ business - not an after-thought once the land has been acquired.  It’s my job to ensure a smooth transition of sites from acquisition through to completion of the last unit on site.  This includes providing practical, commercial advice to help address any problems that crop up during the setup of a residential development, on the acquisition or resale of PX units, during negotiation of any infrastructure agreements serving the development or on the sale of any plots.

I also provide bespoke detailed advice to our clients on industry-wide issues relating to this sector, such as Help to Buy, the New Homes Quality Code and ground rents.


  1. Advising on the acquisition of freehold and leasehold land by way of option, conditional and unconditional contract.
  2. Advising on contractual disputes arising from sale agreements and supply contracts.
  3. Advising on amendments to standard plot sale documentation as a result of changes to consumer regulation.
  4. Advising on strategies for ensuring an effective site setup process, in order to facilitate smooth plot sales, reduce the length of sales times and avoid delays.