Tektronix UK Pension Plan (the scheme)

Statement of Investment Principles

Legislation requires trustees to agree a Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) in consultation with the sponsoring employer.

The SIP sets out the principles governing how decisions about investments are made. It details the current investment strategy, investment objectives and policies including the way risks are measured and managed and stewardship and the Trustee's approach to financially material considerations and non-financial matters.

The SIP is reviewed at least every three years and after any significant change in investment strategy.

The most recent SIP for the Scheme can be found on this page.

Download the Statement of Investment Principles


Implementation Statements 

The Trustee is required to produce an annual implementation statement which sets out how, and the extent to which, the SIP has been followed during the Scheme year and which provides relevant information about reviewing the SIP. The statement also explains any changes that have been made to the SIP, how the voting and engagement policy in respect of the Scheme's investments has been followed during the Scheme year and describes the Trustee's voting behaviour. 

The most recent implementation statement for the Scheme can be found below.

Download the Implementation Statement