The Accalon Limited Pension Scheme (the Scheme)

Statement of Investment Beliefs

Legislation requires trustees to schemes of a certain size to agree a Statement of Investment Principles in consultation with the sponsoring employer.  As the Scheme has fewer than 100 members, it is not subject to the legislative requirement to maintain a Statement of Investment Principles.  However, the trustee believes that it is good practice to formally document the principles governing how decisions about investments are made and has therefore produced a Statement of Investment Beliefs (SIB). The SIB details the current investment strategy, investment objectives and policies including the way risks are measured and managed and stewardship and the Trustee's approach to financially material considerations and non-financial matters. 

The Scheme has two SIBs, one relating to the defined benefit section of the Scheme and the other relating to the defined contribution section. The most recent SIBs for the Scheme can be found on this page.

Download the statement of Investment Beliefs