Colleagues swap the courtroom for the classroom

Colleagues from our London office kindly volunteered their time to become teachers for the day at Sedgehill Academy.

The secondary school were having a ‘careers drop down day’ and invited us to take over their classrooms to give students an insight into the world of work and what they can be doing right now to support their futures.

The team were tasked with repeating 45 minute sessions to different classrooms throughout the day which included an introduction to Gateley, our educational journeys and different activities to make that vital link between education and a career.

Responsible Business Manager, Andlyn White, said: “Engaging with the younger generation is an important way of supporting our communities as it gives students the opportunity to get an insight into what their future could look like and the steps they can take now to get there. It was a great way for us to potentially make a meaningful difference to young people and hopefully inspired a few of them to consider our industry in the future.”

Sedgehill Academy Assistant Principal, Ferdinand Magar, said: “We cannot thank you enough as a school. All your sessions yesterday have planted such valuable seeds in all our students, the buzz around the school has been amazing today and the conversations with students have mostly been around your sessions.

“We really hope this is something we can repeat annually and in other formats throughout the year. This is certainly a relationship that Sedgehill Academy values dearly and is extremely fruitful to all our students.”

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