The Heart of England Forest: our latest charity partner

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with The Heart of England Forest as a Forest Founder.

The partnership will see us play a crucial role in creating great native woodland and help drive progress forward by delivering tangible impact by helping grow the forest, ensuring tree health and maintenance, and optimising habitats that benefit the environment as well as wildlife.

One of the ways in which we’ll do this is by participating in woodland maintenance and tree planting volunteering days as well as championing 250 established trees located in Beck Woods near Dorsington.

We will also be funding pupils from a school in Birmingham (Kings Ark Academy) to take part in their vital ‘One Year in the Forest Learning & Skills’ project. The project will allow the pupils to have weekly intervention visits to the Heart of England Forest and support in improving their core knowledge of nature, social skills, emotional regulation and mental health.

We are excited to be partnering with The Heart of England Forest and joining them on their mission to make a real and lasting difference to our planet.

About The Heart of England Forest

The Heart of England Forest is an exciting and ambitious charity with a mission of reversing centuries of woodland decline by creating and conserving 30,000 acres of forest for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and people. At just 23% of the way towards their goal, they have already created the largest new native broadleaf woodland in England. They aim to grow the forest by 300 acres a year which will cover a mosaic of habitats including grassland, heathland, farmland and wetland.

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