As a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consultant, Adelaide uses specialist GIS as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to produce spatially accurate plans that contribute to the land referencing and statutory procedures for a wide range of Compulsory Purchase Orders, Development Consent Orders and highways schemes. 

Adelaide has experience with client care, assisting the management of internal web applications and coordinating GIS work for large scale projects.

How do you help clients?

I liaise with clients in relation to plan production, assisting in what can be added to the plans, and what data can be utilised to complete their request. 

Additionally, I help across the Gateley Hamer team and Gateley group to create precise plans and conduct spatial analysis when required on behalf of the client.


  1. Production of different plans for large scale solar farms, including land ownership plans, land plans and section 42 plans.
  2. Creation of a General Vesting Declaration plan for Brentford Waterside, a waterfront regeneration project, on behalf of London Borough of Hounslow/Ballymore Group.
  3. Provision of Compulsory Purchase Order and Side Roads Order plans for a complex road improvement scheme on behalf of a county council, in collaboration with AECOM.
  4. Assisting a cross-group telecoms team within Gateley to produce legal and location plans, in collaboration with Cellnex and Gateley Legal, following client requests for complex constraints plans.
  5. Using METIS, Gateley’s web application to assist in the land referencing of the A27 Highway Improvement Scheme. Creating inputs for the web application to aid the production of section 42 consultation plans.