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A Geographical Information System (known to many as GIS) stores, maps and analyses data, and plays an important role when it comes to understanding a project site and giving the project the best chance of success. Whether urban or rural, it helps to inform key project decisions and is a key element in the delivery of a project.

We use GIS to capture, store, manipulate, and analyse land and property data. The geographic data for a project is the foundation upon which other data, particularly land interest data, is built. It may also be used to make crucial project decisions. A boundary in the wrong place could be costly and cause significant time delays on a project.

The success or failure of a project could come down to the accuracy of the data. Accuracy is therefore at the core of everything that we do. Our robust quality assurance procedures ensure that we deliver the most accurate, highest quality data for our clients.

What do we do?

By combining smart analytics with powerful cartographic principles, we can offer our clients greater geospatial insight into their project area. This includes undertaking detailed evidencing of land interest boundaries, integrating additional spatial data, such as aerial photography and LiDAR, and preparing plan overlays.

We have an experienced team who have worked across a wide range of schemes. We specialise in Development Consent Orders (DCOs) for schemes such as solar parks and highways improvement schemes; Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) for both highways and regeneration schemes; and Statutory Orders such as Side Roads Orders and Special Roads Schemes.
Using a combination of the industry leading ArcGIS software, CAD and our bespoke land referencing application, we can offer advanced data processing and interoperability which allows us to tailor data interpretation, visualisation, and dissemination to our clients’ needs.

We can provide geographic data to support any type of project from a single property or private redevelopment to a large highway improvement scheme of national importance. Using that data, we can prepare a wide range of plans to support the project whether it be a Land Registry compliant plan for a land transfer or detailed plans for statutory processes such DCOs and CPOs.

Key services we can offer include:

  • detailed analysis and evidencing of land interest boundaries;
  • preparing plans compliant to statutory requirements for land referencing, CPOs and DCOs;
  • plans to support notice to treat/ enter, and general vesting declaration processes;
  • preparation of comprehensive constraints plans;
  • HMLR compliant plans;
  • preparation of complex overlay plans;
  • generating evidence for planning applications and boundary disputes; and
  • producing urban/ natural/ heritage capital audits and inventories for ad hoc or strategic projects.

Who do we help?

Operating across the public and private sectors, we work with commercial and residential developers, planning professionals, local authorities and scheme promoters, Government agencies, and private organisations.

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