Julie is a highly experienced senior transport casework officer and team manager, with over 25 years’ experience in transport casework, and a wealth of experience of legislative and technical knowledge applicable to Highways Orders work. 

An expert when it comes to drafting and assessing Highways Orders, Julie is highly experienced in dealing with their various statutory procedures for Orders across a range of disciplines including: Line and Side Roads Orders (for the trunk road network); Side Roads Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders for local authority highways schemes, for confirmation by the Secretary of State for Transport; Traffic Regulation Orders; Highways Stopping Up Orders for planning development; Pedestrianisation Orders; and Public Rights of Way Orders.


  1. Preparing Side Roads Orders, Private Access Agreements and Development Consent Orders for Highways projects on behalf of local highway authorities.
  2. Acting as policy adviser and technical and legal clearance officer of Orders documents for the national transport casework team which at the time had responsibility for handling all local authority Side Roads Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders for highways projects across England.
  3. Authoring the DfT Local Authority Circulars 1/97 and 2/97 setting out advice for local authorities in their preparation of Side Roads Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders for local authority highway schemes.
  4. Dealing with merit decisions on Road Scheme Highways Orders and preparing ministerial submissions on key important schemes.
  5. Advising local authorities about particular aspects of prospective highways schemes, including commenting on draft Orders and conducting meetings with local authorities and developers nationally to advise about detailed Order requirements to achieve deliverability of highways and planning projects.