Paul Rigby

Head of Surety

Gateley Vinden


Following professional qualification in 1987, Paul has over 30 years’ experience of providing claims advice to contract guarantee bond providers, having been appointed as surety bond loss adjuster by the major surety providers in the UK and Ireland. 

Primarily working in connection with construction industry bonds, Paul has experience of other industry sectors such as waste management, the power industry, water industry and rail sectors. Paul and his team provide a full claim management service, which includes contract monitoring prior to potential breach, contract document reviews, initial investigation and beneficiary support upon notification of breach or insolvency, and final claim review and recommendations.

An author of many Expert Reports on quantum including, but not limited to surety matters, Paul has been instructed by both claimants and defendants and he has delivered expert evidence to courts on numerous occasions, most recently using CEE or “hot tubbing”.

Paul has also provided quantum support to major insurers in connection with major losses arising from fire and storm damage and CAR losses.

How do you help clients?

I provide services to establish the extent of the liability of a bond provider, in respect of liability and quantum. This includes the investigation and management of recovery actions against indemnitors and principal debtors.   


  1. The investigation of claims against guarantors for Carillion Construction Limited (hospitals, schools, residential developments).
  2. The Investigation of claims against guarantors for The Scottish Coal Company Limited.
  3. The investigation of claims against guarantors for TEG Limited, a waste disposal design and build technology contractor.
  4. The investigation of claims against guarantors for Michael McNamara & Co (Ireland), a major developer and building contractor based in Ireland.
  5. Acting as an insurer’s lead cost consultant on a major civil engineering loss (value £50 million).