Stacey joined Gateley Capitus in 2001 and became the first female to qualify as a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) via the Taxation Route to qualification. Stacey’s expertise includes pre and post-acquisition portfolio reviews, retrospective reviews of expenditure and advising legal teams. She has extensive experience in advising on large complex developments and advising on a range of issues to maximise the tax relief for our clients.

Stacey’s experience extends outside of the UK tax jurisdiction having prepared claims for properties in Ireland, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and America. She has advised on the capital allowances treatment to various sectors including care home operators, student accommodation, hotel operators, retail and leisure. Stacey is highly experienced, motivated and versatile with a proven track record of providing cost effective advice to many of our blue chip clients.


  1. Advising on the purchase of a 5 star hotel and the head office of one of Ireland’s leading telecoms firms, both in Dublin.
  2. Advising on capital allowances on the relocation of a ventilation shaft for TFL Underground to allow for a £600m redevelopment of the area.
  3. Analysing a portfolio of 85 nursing/care homes, splitting plant and machinery from chattels.
  4. Conducting a property survey and depreciation analysis for a portfolio of 28 petrol filling stations all located in northern Spain for a global real estate investor.
  5. Advising on the conversion of a £1.35bn property unit trust to a PAIF.

Changing Places

Moving premises can be extremely time-consuming and costly for businesses. If your business needs to relocate, downsize, upgrade or exit a property, we can help.

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