We provide a range of services for individuals and businesses looking for advice on legal immigration issues.

On this page, we have set out our typical range of prices for our services and details of what is included.

How much will immigration advice cost?

For all immigration cases, we will fully scope out the matter with the client in order to understand their requirements. Below we have set out our fixed fee ranges for a typical visa application covering the main types of visa application.

Types of visa application and the range of costs

Application type Cost range
Tier 1 Investor: £3,000+VAT –  £6,000+VAT
Tier 1 Entrepreneur: £3,500+VAT –  £7,000+VAT
Indefinite leave to remain: £2,500+VAT –  £4,000+VAT
EU residence certificates: £1,500+VAT –  £2,500+VAT
EU permanent residence: £2,500+VAT –  £4,000+VAT

How we charge for this work

We usually work on a fixed fee basis.  Our fees are based on various factors, including the complexity of the matter and the relevant circumstances. As our fees are based on an assessment of the time that we expect each application to take, and since each application is different, we provide a quote for a fixed fee following our initial consultation.

Other fee arrangements

We do not offer any conditional fee agreements, damages based agreements or so-called “no win no fee” agreements for this work.

Disbursements: costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties

Each application is subject to the relevant Home Office application fee applying at the time of submission. This is not subject to VAT. You may also be charged additional fees for any interpreters.

Services that are included

Typical key stages in immigration advice

  • Initial consultation with the client
  • Advice on criteria, process, supporting documents and timings
  • Preparation of the application form
  • Review of supporting documents
  • Submission of the application

If any of the stages are not required, the fee will be reduced accordingly. You may wish to handle some aspects of the application yourself and only have our advice on some of the stages. This can also be arranged to meet your individual needs.

Services that are included

  • Conducting a private consultation to discuss each individual’s background and future plans to advise on what options might be immediately available, and which options could be available under different circumstances.
  • Providing a detailed summary of the options discussed together with key information on processes, paperwork, timings and costs.
  • Preparing an individual guidance document focusing on the practicalities of making a visa application.
  • Providing either: a guided service offering guidance where necessary throughout the visa application: or a comprehensive service completing paperwork and submitting applications on a client’s behalf.
  • For Tier 1 (Investors) providing support with gathering evidence of their finances, support with completing application forms and guidance on managing their invested funds throughout the duration of their visa.
  • For Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) providing support with gathering evidence of finances, completing application forms, developing business plans,  managing the start-up of their UK business or investment into a UK business and preparing for Home Office interviews, together with guidance at key points throughout the duration of their visa.

How long will it take?

Timescales will depend on the application type and the individual’s specific circumstances. We cannot guarantee how long the Home Office will take to process your application. For further details, you can read the Home Office’s processing times.

Our team

We have a team of qualified lawyers, of varying levels of seniority and experience, who support a range of clients on immigration. You can find their profiles here.

Other useful links

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Further information

If you would like to discuss your matter in more detail, please contact a member of our team or your usual Gateley Plc contact.