Gateley Belfast partnership with Aspire NI to continue

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Gateley Legal NI

We are extending our partnership with Aspire NI to further improve the outcomes of disadvantaged young people in Northern Ireland.

Aspire NI, which this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary, works with local youth workers and churches in supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds in and around Belfast.

The Craigavon-headquartered charity has developed a series of skills-based programmes and initiatives over the years aimed at closing the educational attainment gap that exists amongst children from low-income families.

We are currently supporting the charity’s Aspire Academy which enables young people to participate in learning and developing their interest in areas they would ordinarily find difficult to access such as business, art and music production.

The charity also runs Aspire Sessions where young people can access additional tuition in a supervised and supportive environment after school in subjects they are struggling with as part of the charity’s aim to help more young people achieve at least five GCSEs.

The charity also stage Aspire Camp – an annual event where children from various schools come together to learn about different cultures and traditions and promote diversity and inclusion amongst young people in Northern Ireland.

Alison Reid, partner and head of Gateley Legal Northern Ireland, said: “Sadly, there is no getting away from the fact that children from poorer backgrounds are significantly disadvantaged educationally. As a responsible business, supporting our communities is an important part of our purpose. We are delighted to continue partnering with charities such as Aspire NI in breaking down the barriers that prevent equal access to education for young people.”

Jamie Curran, Growth Marketing Manager at Aspire NI, added: “Having a partner like Gateley is transformative for Aspire. The partnership provides us with the ability to not only provide young people with the best support possible but also actively grow Aspire as an organisation and impact even more young people.

“Our goal for the rest of 2024 is to actively increase the amount of young people we impact on a weekly basis. As it stands, we currently work with 350 young people, that is from primary school age right up to school leavers age. We endeavour to see this number rise every month.

“We are continuing to grow our presence in Belfast and are actively going through the process of hiring more team members for the Belfast area which will allow us to work directly with more schools and in return work with more young people.”

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