Alicia specialises in leading complex and high-profile collective actions, with a particular expertise in large scale opt-in collective actions. She has extensive experience in the development and management of multi-party claims, via a Group Litigation Order or through collective case management.

Alicia is a strong litigator with over 10 years’ experience in this area. In recent years her practice has focussed on a breadth of areas including consumer claims, emissions claims, product liability claims and claims involving personal injury.

Within the consumer collective actions space, Alicia has previously been instructed in high profile litigation, including the pioneering VW NOx emissions litigation, which concluded in a £193m settlement in May 2022. Alicia was featured as The Times ‘Lawyer of the week’ in June 2022.

How do you help clients?

I work with individuals and businesses to resolve group claims, usually brought against large multinational corporate entities. I help those who have been wronged as a result of misconduct and poor business behaviour, to achieve redress.


  1. Lead Solicitor on VW NOx Emissions Group Litigation (Lexis Nexis Case of the Year 2023), acting for over 71,000 claimants.
  2. Steering Committee member on Mercedes NOx Emissions Group Litigation, acting for over 16,000 claimants.
  3. Represented bereaved families and injured workers in the investigation and subsequent In Amenas Inquests.