International arbitration

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We provide international, commercial and investment arbitration. Our arbitration teams advise clients on a wide range of complex, multi-jurisdictional mid and high value claims.

What do we do?

Our truly international teams include multilingual lawyers qualified in many different jurisdictions. These teams are based both onshore and offshore UK, including in Dubai, and benefit from the ability to work in different locations around the world with the laws of many different countries, both Common Law and Civil Law based. We also frequently work alongside local lawyers in foreign jurisdictions to ensure the best outcomes.

We have many distinct legal specialists which include: construction and infrastructure, trade and investment, banking and finance, energy, commercial contracts, commodities, telecommunications, shipping and aviation work. Having gained extensive global experience, we value the diverse cultural and business nuances of each of our clients.

Our teams’ experience includes representing clients before major arbitration institutions such as the ICC, ICSID, DIAC, DIFC, HKIAC, LCIA, SCC and SIAC as well as in ad hoc arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. We also regularly appear in legal proceedings for the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards globally, including under the New York Convention.

Who do we help?

International clients, both corporate and individual, engaged in cross border commerce all over the world.

Typically, our clients will be involved in international projects and procurement which are frequently associated with the large scale cross border movement of money, materiel and personnel with all of the risk and complexity that inevitably brings.  

We are also well equipped to deliver professional support in commercial as well as investor-state and treaty arbitration. Our experience in investment arbitration includes representing parties around the world under bilateral and multilateral treaties, particularly in emerging markets, where such disputes are common.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ commercial needs. One of our key advantages is our ability to support our clients by funding potential arbitration claims.

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