Collective actions & group litigation

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Collective action helps claimants to seek justice by sharing the cost and risk across many people or organisations in the same boat.

What do we do?

We have extensive experience in launching and managing group claims, usually with an international element, and in securing group settlements. Supplemented with deep knowledge of litigation funding, we are well placed to advise on all stages of the collective actions process, and suitable funding structures. 

Our highly talented team has acted on some of the most complex and significant collective cases in the UK, brought by both consumers and businesses. The team has been at the forefront of the rise of consumer group claims, including previously acting as lead solicitor for over 71,000 individuals in the landmark Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group litigation, which settled for £193m in May 2022. 

At every level, they work smoothly as a team to represent the client’s best interests and secure the best possible commercial outcome.
Chambers UK, 2023

Who do we help?

Delivering access to justice in a fair, efficient and transparent way is at the core of what we do. Using the right expertise and the right technology we bring a forward-thinking approach to individuals, businesses and consumers looking to achieve collective redress. 

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