Annam has over 10 years’ experience in advising clients on all types of inheritance and trust disputes. Her experience in administering estates as well as contesting them means she can offer clients a detailed insight on protecting estate assets and conflict resolution.

She also has experience in dealing with cases involving assets abroad and has a particular interest in challenging Wills and Inheritance Act claims. 

How do you help clients?

I pride myself on working closely with my clients in reaching the best commercial outcome for them.

I aim to guide them through the complex legal process and formalities at what can often be a very upsetting time in their lives, having lost a loved one. It can be particularly difficult to make decisions at such a time, and I ensure that my clients are supported with clear and pragmatic legal advice throughout the process.


  1. Validity – challenges to wills and lifetime gifts on the basis of lack of capacity, undue influence or lack of knowledge and approval
  2. Inheritance Act claims
  3. Trust Disputes
  4. Removal of Executors
  5. Disputed Attorney/ Deputy appointments
  6. Injunctions to protect estate assets