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Moving to the UK? Now’s the time to get on top of your tax affairs, with the help of our international private wealth management team.

The UK has always been an attractive destination for foreign nationals to live and work. But moving here comes with some tangible tax considerations.

What do we do?

If you’re a foreign individual seeking to move to the UK, to invest in the UK or to improve the structuring and tax efficiency of your existing UK investments, our international private wealth management team can help you. Our partners have several decades of experience working with wealthy international clients, their families, their asset holding structures and their family offices. And our geographical experience is broad, with most of our clients coming to the UK from the Middle East, Australasia and Africa.

Our international private wealth management can help with:

  • pre-arrival tax planning and structuring advice;
  • advice on acquiring or avoiding UK tax residency and domicile;
  • the application of UK taxation, particularly the remittance basis and the UK offshore anti-avoidance legislation, to personal wealth structures; and
  • advice on transgenerational planning, family governance and asset protection in the context of testing family dynamics.

And if you’re an offshore service provider, we can support you with:

  • a ‘health-check’ of existing structures to consider their efficiency and effectiveness in the modern environment;
  • advice on the current UK reporting and regulatory regime;
  • preparing disclosures to HMRC including, where necessary, out-of-time disclosures where filing deadlines have inadvertently been missed; and
  • finding innovative solutions for ultra-high-net-worth clients seeking to put in place structures for holding luxury assets, intellectual property, investments, residential property and international trading companies.

Who do we help?

Our international private wealth management team help foreign individuals who are seeking to move to the UK.

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