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Running your organisation in a constantly evolving business landscape is a challenging task.

Robust assessment of your leaders and critical talent provides clarity and confidence on the current bench-strength, future potential and capability gaps that must be closed for your business to succeed.


What do we do?

We assess your organisation’s leadership and critical talent to identify where and how you can bridge the gaps between the potential you have and the future capability you need.

Our experienced business psychologists will:

  • test an individual’s potential to be successful in more complex, demanding roles
  • advise who is ready for more, and where you can safely place your bets
  • provide individuals with clarity about what they need to do, pinpointing the key areas for focus and future development
  • give businesses the bench-strength data needed to decide on whether to build or buy

How do we assess your leaders? 

Kiddy were a true partner – they worked with us closely and delivered best in class assessment for development centres perfectly tailored for our business.

Conducting impactful leadership assessments

Our leadership assessments typically follow these steps: 

  1. In-depth interview – An intense, engaging and thought-provoking interview is conducted with two senior psychologists.
  2. Psychometrics – Best-in-class tools are used to support development of your leaders in line with the future needs of the business. 
  3. Narrative 360 feedback – One-to-one in-depth conversations between our psychologists and the individual‘s key stakeholders provide additional insight.
  4. Business simulation – Benchmarked simulations create a stretch learning environment that replicates the leadership challenges an organisation needs to overcome.

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