Kristian Smith

Assistant Land Referencer

Gateley Hamer


Kristian works alongside Gateley Hamer’s experienced team of land referencers helping to provide tailored, high-quality services to clients which can range from government agencies, local councils, and private companies.

Kristian conducts many contact and non-contact site visits which have given him valuable knowledge on various Development Consent Order (DCO) and Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) projects.

How do you help clients?

I help clients to identify parties and the rights which they hold that have an interest within the land or property of a proposed area for redevelopment.

During site visits I help to identify issues that clients may not be aware of and work towards finding an suitable or alternative solution to the issue.


  1. Putting up and maintaining site notices for multiple projects including a new railway being built in Northumberland
  2. Creation, Handling and processing of Land Interest Questionnaires (LIQs) and Requisitions for Information (RFIs) on various projects
  3. Conducting contact site visits to identify/ verify that all landowner information is correct, and no affected parties have been missed on projects such as The London Resorts Project in Kent
  4. Attending Land Owner meetings to discuss which part of their land will be affected and the proposed designs for the M54 to M6 link road
  5. Creating land descriptions for parcels and plots on many CPO and DCO projects such as the A358 dual carriageway upgrade