Patrick Kennedy

Executive Chairman & Trustee Director



Since it was founded in 1994, Patrick has overseen Entrust develop into a global business helping inward investors in more than 20 countries worldwide manage legacy defined benefit scheme liability aspects of their UK operations. Patrick has helped to develop Entrust’s comprehensive services platform for businesses seeking to reduce the time and money spent looking after their defined benefit schemes. He has worked on sole trustee appointments and co-trustee cases, including as Chair of trustees. Patrick has acted as pension trustee for complex M&A activity including US Chapter 11 as well as on the establishment, merger and buyout of UK defined benefit occupational pension schemes.

Patrick is also a partner at Gateley Legal. Find more about this role here.

How do you help clients? 

I help clients overcome the mounting costs and the drain on management resources associated with managing legacy UK defined benefit pension scheme liability for employers based in the UK and worldwide and acting as an expert witness.


  1. Advising non-UK parent companies from North, Central and South America, Japan and Western Europe.
  2. Advising on Non-Associated Multi-Employer Schemes (commonly known as Names schemes), including successful buy-out of charitable sector scheme with over 100 employers.
  3. Steering complex pension litigation through the courts, for example Entrust v Prospect Hospice, commonly known as the Entrust case.