Patrick has extensive experience as a pensions and surety partner. He drafted the first pension bond in the UK and has acted for most of the largest UK sureties in pension bond-related projects. 
From Barcelona to Belfast, Patrick has spoken on a range of pension trustee and legal topics ranging from in-depth analysis of legal developments to the future of pension provision in the UK. He is currently President of the Pension Bond Association.

Patrick is also Executive Chairman and Trustee Director at Entrust. Find more about this role here.

How do you help clients?

I help clients overcome the mounting costs and the drain on management resources associated with managing legacy UK defined benefit pension scheme liability for employers based in the UK and worldwide and acting as an expert witness. 


  1. Acting for sureties and pension scheme sponsors in surety pension bond projects.
  2. Established unique training modules to advance knowledge and understanding of surety pension bonds. Find out more here.
  3. Acted on more than £1bn pension bonds.