Steve is an expert in dealing with commercial disputes. He is a specialist in acting for businesses that need to enforce restrictive covenants, as well as professional negligence cases and disputes arising out of business sales.

He also advises clients on contractual claims, and how clients should terminate particular contracts or respond to termination by other contracting parties.

Steve has spent over 20 years dealing with commercial disputes He has acted for Plcs, private companies and individuals.

How do you help clients?

It is part of modern life that businesses and business people will at some point be involved in a commercial dispute. There are many ways that parties can deal with such disputes. My job is to help clients identify the best way of dealing with the dispute to achieve the commercial outcome the clients need.


  1. Advising on several claims successfully enforcing restrictive covenants against former employees, including claims relating to ‘team moves’. Most claims have ended quickly with final injunctions and awards of damages, some of which have been for several million pounds.
  2. Advising on professional negligence claims against solicitors, financial advisers and accountants which have settled through the use of alternative dispute resolution and have given settlements for millions of pounds to clients.
  3. Advising several clients on how they should approach terminating key contracts to avoid claims being made against them. Key contracts have included franchises, supply of goods and supply of services.
  4. Defending sellers of businesses in warranty claims sometimes brought on the back of allegations of dishonesty and which have resulted in the dismissal, discontinuance or settlement of the claims.