Stuart Evans

Managing Director & Trustee Director



Stuart is our CEO and a highly-experienced trustee director, leading relationships with a significant number of Entrust’s key clients. He is an accredited member of the Association of Professional Pension Trustees.

Stuart established the Enplan pension platform and has grown it into the market leader in the field of defined benefit consolidators. He has extensive experience of actuarial valuation funding negotiations, including implementing profit share arrangements, contingent asset arrangements and asset-backed funding arrangements. He has de-risked a number of Entrust’s schemes through the use of liability-driven investment strategies.

Stuart has successfully implemented liability management and member options projects like pensioner buy-ins, medically underwritten mortality studies, pension increase exchanges and trivial commutation exercises. He also has experience of the steps that are required as schemes become more mature and reach the end of their journey plan, having successfully completed a number of scheme buy-outs.

Stuart is also a partner at Gateley Legal. Find more about this role here.


  1. Leading relationships with employer clients across all sectors, driving high standards of governance across their occupational pension schemes. 
  2. Successfully establishing and growing a market leading operational defined benefit scheme consolidator in Enplan.
  3. Completing scheme buy-outs and buy-ins to secure members’ benefits in the insurance market and discharge employers’ liabilities.
  4. Protecting the interests of pension scheme members in corporate refinancing projects. 
  5. Successfully implementing liability management exercises including pension increase exchanges, flexible retirement options, enhanced transfer value exercises and medically underwritten mortality studies.
  6. Transferring trust-based DC benefits into master trusts.