Inward investment

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Understanding how inward investment processes work can often be difficult, even for experienced investors. The requisite scoping, analysis and execution involved in the entire process can take up a considerable amount of your valuable time and resources. 

Here at Gateley, we make it our mission to manage the inevitable risk that comes along with inward investment opportunities.

What is inward investment?

Inward investment refers to an influx of externally-sourced funds into a country, with the intent to further develop the economy in the region through the purchase of capital goods, for a branch of a corporation. These types of investments improve local economies by stimulating an increase in salary/ income, creating jobs and developing new infrastructure.

These are often foreign funds that are circulated back into the domestic economy. Contrary to inward investment, the term outward investment refers to the outflow of capital gained from investments into foreign economies.

Who do our inward investment services help?

We support businesses from high-growth potential start-ups right through to global conglomerates with their overseas and UK inward investments. We are contracted to the UK Government’s Department for International Trade to support their customers. 

Our industry experience is broad and includes advanced manufacturing, business shared services, digital and creative, life sciences, and professional services.

How can Gateley help you?

We specialise in managing the risk that comes with inward investment projects and international expansion by assisting with the following:

Accessing Government funding

We help clients by identifying Government funding and support for their inward investment by:

  • releasing working capital by leveraging Government support on SME access to finance;

  • working with export agencies to fund our clients’ customers to purchase clients’ goods;

  • identifying funding and support opportunities for bespoke training programs for our clients’ staff;

  • identifying funding, support and collaboration partners for research and development;

  • optimising Government support for our clients’ businesses and navigating State Aid compliance.

In-market facilitation, establishment and introductions

Our in-market facilitation services work with clients to bring their management up to speed on local market and business issues and expand their support networks as fast as possible. We can also make free introductions to Government agencies and help our clients’ market entry go smoothly.

  • We can help with the registration and establishment of our clients’ businesses and supporting systems, allowing a clients’ management team to focus on business development and expansion.

  • We can help provide ex-pat management support and make introductions to in-market providers.

  • We can make introductions to in-market Government representatives for free to help clients leverage all available support. We never accept fees, nor do we charge for Government introductions. We only work with legitimate and transparent Governments seeking legitimate business investment through due process.

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