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Investing overseas can be a complicated business, with the requisite scoping, analysis and execution taking up valuable time and resources. Here at Gateley, we assist in managing the risk that comes with inward investment.

What do we do?

When it comes to setting up a successful business, the UK ranks highly on a whole host of factors:

  • the lowest corporation tax in the G7
  • access to the best global talent
  • 24-hour company incorporation
  • tax credit schemes.

We specialise in managing the risk that comes with inward investment projects and international expansion. We help our clients to improve their decision making on inward investment by providing quality source material on which to base business cases for international expansion, empowering insightful conversations with our client's leadership team. We support our client's decision-making process by providing:

  • market entry analysis articulating the trade-offs for discussion; 
  • business case assurance to deliver a credible and robust business case;
  • support on executive discussions to narrow our clients scope prior to commissioning consultants;
  • preliminary assessment of international regions to focus our clients entry into a single market;
  • international benchmarking and high-level financial analysis providing indicative cash flow comparisons of cost, taxes and profits of alternate locations for our clients new or expanding operations;
  • qualitative assessments on accessing talent, infrastructure, market entry, quality and availability of industry value chain, and geopolitical risk;
  • management representation to overcome cultural barriers and protect our clients investment.

One-off project support 

Our one off-project support offering is specifically designed to identify and assess potential international locations to establish operations in new offshore markets – without disrupting our clients core business. We provide our clients with the results in two business days, providing:

  • a comparison of locations for cost, taxes, access to talent, profitability, and infrastructure;
  • information on registering our clients business;
  • required tax and accounts reporting;
  • bank account (AML) and compliance (this can take 12 weeks).

Pricing for one-off project support starts from £500 and is charged on time used. VAT is only chargeable to UK and EU clients. (All government facilitation services are charged on a cost-recovery basis and are agreed up-front).

Retained priority services

Delivering multiple projects – or one with an undefined scope – requires ongoing support when it comes to the selection, establishment and expansion of our clients international operations. Our retained services free our clients from inefficient data collection and administration, enabling them to focus on executing a business plan and winning new business.

  • We provide our retained priority services on an annual subscription basis, which guarantees our clients a committed service for either 10, 15 or 30 days, charged in 0.25-day blocks.
  • Our retained priority service best suits those with:
  • numerous locations to be compared across multiple variables;
  • several projects within a programme of work;
  • uncertainty and inherent risk in a project, through geopolitical issues or market volatility, requiring several scenarios to be assessed;
  • an ex-pat management team seeking timely access to local knowledge and expertise;
  • new market management looking to actively network to secure new business and suppliers.

Accessing government funding

We help clients by identifying government funding and support for their inward investment. For example, we’ve assisted with:

  • securing more than £50m in non-repayable government grants across six of our customers;
  • leveraging £300m in finance guarantees and performance bonds to support the funding of construction for new premises.

We help our clients access inward investment funding by:

  • releasing working capital by leveraging government support on SME access to finance;
  • working with export agencies to fund our clients customers to purchase clients goods;
  • identifying funding and support opportunities for bespoke training programs for our clients staff;
  • identifying funding, support and collaboration partners for research and development;
  • optimising government support for our clients business and navigating State Aid compliance.

In-market facilitation, establishment and introductions

Our in-market facilitation services works with clients to bring our clients management up to speed on local market and business issues and expand their support networks as fast as possible. We can also make free introductions to government agencies and help our clients market entry go smoothly.

  • We can help with the registration and establishment of our clients business and supporting systems, allowing a clients management team to focus on business development and expansion.
  • We can help provide ex-pat management support and make introductions to in-market providers.
  • We can make introductions to in-market government representatives for free to help clients leverage all available support. We never accept fees or charge for government introductions. We only work with legitimate and transparent governments seeking legitimate business investment through due process.

Company director services

Our experts can provide you with management and governance representation overseas, providing you with:

  • unbiased observations and appropriate representation to help navigate language and cultural issues and to manage performance for our clients business;
  • translation services to support our clients own attendance in-market;
  • non-executive company director services for an initial appointment of up to 9-months, with local expertise to establish our clients international business infrastructure, people, operations, suppliers and governance.

Government agency support

We support government trade and investment promotion agencies with:

  • putting together business development strategies to attract new foreign investors;
  • identifying and understanding market propositions; 
  • working closely with national, regional and local government bodies.

We welcome prospective work with all government bodies and investment promotion agencies, but as we are currently supporting the UK Government’s Department for International Trade, we can’t work with any other European agency at this time. 

We only work with legitimate and transparent governments seeking legitimate business investment through due process.  


We can provide experienced team members to work within our clients team to help them navigate the investment options available. We require a minimum commitment of 30 days with pricing agreed on negotiation. Our secondees focus on:

  • transferring knowledge to our clients team on international site selection processes and analysis;
  • outsourcing the leg work of establishing international operations whilst retaining control;
  • delivering scenario analysis integrated with our clients finance, sales and operations teams for assessment;
  • managing our clients staff resource to limit the number of people needed to progress sensitive projects.


We provide training sessions in numerous jurisdictions across the world on subjects such as: 

  • financial literacy for business 
  • finance for non-financial managers
  • key account management

Who do our inward investment services help?

We support businesses from high-growth potential start-ups right through to global conglomerates who want to invest in the UK and overseas. We are contracted to the UK Government’s Department for International Trade to support their customers. Our industry experience is broad and includes advanced manufacturing, business shared services, digital and creative, life sciences and professional services.


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