UK business bank account opening

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Trying to open a UK business bank account can be tricky for those who are operating overseas. Every new bank-customer relationship must now evidence compliance with both legal and reputational regulations.

This means providing both complete details of ownership and sources of wealth. On top of this, each bank has different risk thresholds and customer application processes. This can make the process of opening a UK business bank account a very complex task.

How do we help when opening a UK business bank account?

We are specialists in reducing the risk involved with international investment projects. We have an extensive network of contacts to help set up and open your UK business bank account as quickly as possible.

We also provide businesses with a comprehensive advisory service to launch their business in the UK which goes beyond opening a business bank account. We work with clients on setting up the appropriate corporate structures, providing company secretarial services and corporate governance support, dealing with employment and immigration matters, as well as helping businesses to invest in, acquire, lease, develop or refit commercial property.

We provide the following services to help support your business through bank account applications:

  • We provide a UK business banking solution within 5 business days

  • Review UK commercial/business banking applications

  • Match and introduce you to a full UK business bank account provider

  • Provide ongoing support during your UK business bank account application process

  • Review your business case if required

  • Serve as your UK Resident Account Signatory

  • Serve as your UK Non-Executive Director

  • Verify / notarise documents

  • Translated documents


Without International Investment Services’ involvement we would still be struggling to find a bank.'
COO, NZ, AgriTech

We help clients to efficiently navigate this process who are in need of supporting the set-up and opening of a UK business bank account. Additionally, our services help to minimise the risk of disruption when funds flow from customers, to your business, and onto your shareholders and suppliers.

Who do we help with opening UK business bank accounts?

We help organisations looking to invest in the UK and elsewhere by finding the right location, people, funding and infrastructure.

We had been trying for over 8 months to get a UK business bank account. We met Paul Webster and within 3 days we had a business account and a bank application underway.'
CEO, USA, FinTech

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