Public procurement

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Public contracts, as well as the accompanying procurement process, can be complex and challenging to navigate. And when things go wrong, organisations need to act fast.

Throughout the entire public procurement process, we can help authorities attain the best outcomes as well as assist bidding organisations to maximise success.

What do we do?

Non-contentious procurement advice

We advise bidders and procuring authorities on all aspects of the public procurement process and are skilled at advising on tenders run in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR). Our public procurement work includes:

  • reviewing and reporting on tender documents and the proposed contract;
  • assisting with the clarification stage;
  • preparing board and risk analysis reports as part of a tendering company’s internal approval process;
  • negotiating key issues in the contract, redrafting if necessary; and
  • finalising the documentation after the award has been made.
From the outset Gateley gave us the confidence to continue with our action, the legal advice provided was spot on which has now resulted in us achieving the successful outcome we had hoped for.
Michele Fenner, Client Services Director, Newlyn PLC

Contentious public procurement advice

Securing public services contracts can be very rewarding. But if those relationships go wrong there’s a lot at stake for both public authorities and the businesses that have invested in first tendering for and, if successful, servicing those contracts. If a dispute does happen, organisations need access to timely expertise and know-how to tackle any public procurement issues as quickly as possible.

We provide the right legal advice, quickly and concisely, with an eye on the bigger commercial picture, agreeing with our public procurement clients on the longer-term strategy and implications of the challenge they are facing.

Our team is experienced in dealing with public procurement disputes, advising on:

  • pre-qualification stage issues and how to deal with these, including through clarifications;
  • issuing and defending applications to set aside contract awards;
  • issuing and defending claims for damages and declarations of ineffectiveness;
  • the legality of the procurement procedure; and
  • the ways authorities can minimise the likelihood of a challenge.

We also deliver public procurement training to bidders and procuring authorities on the PCR and the rights and remedies for bidders if things go wrong.

Who do we help?

We work with authorities and bidders on procurement issues throughout the process and advise all parties with regard to public procurement disputes if and when they arise.

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